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Our Roots

TwelveDot Labs was built on the notion that secure design does not have to take a backseat to a meaningful user experience. The very concept of IoT is creating new opportunities for business to address market demands.  By combining seemingly disparate technologies in new ways, we are able to produce truly innovative solutions that solve today’s business challenges.

Our patent pending for flight tracking solutions and formal application testing methodology are evidence of our commitment and achievement in this field. 


iBeacons are playing an important role in how we interact with people. Last year we partnered with bv02 to develop an iBeacon solution for the Canadian Museum of Nature.


Mach-12 was created to help pilot and flight instructors track and maintain a secure log of flights. The goal was to ensure pilots were progressing and getting focused support on weaker areas of flight training. It also ensure that pilots did what they said when on solo flights.

Mach-12 allows for both in flight and remote aircraft tracking. The data captured can be used for multiple purposes but we current focus on the following solutions:

            Pilot Training and Assessment

            Flight Tracking and Recording

Designing and building our own hardware allows us to use components and sensors that are more sensitive and accurate than those found in mobile devices. While still ensuring that good battery performance is achieved.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Thomas Edison

Through this pilot we proved that iBeacons can be used in a control environment to enrich a customer experience. This is just one example of how TwelveDot Labs is experimenting with technology to find interesting ways to create meaningful interactions for businesses.

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