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Mobile adoption by corporations has significantly increased globally, with a shift from business focused mobile devices to consumer grade devices. Along with this change in technology and the proliferation of mobile apps, there has been a growing number of malware based applications being used to obtain corporate data. This includes leveraging weaknesses in applications to gain access to privileged data.

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TwelveDot’s Hut 6 Test Suite is a managed mobile application and IoT security testing service that makes it simple to initiate security tests on a few applications or launch a comprehensive security

program without upfront investment of technology and resources. Combining advanced dynamic and static testing technologies with TwelveDot’s experience in evaluating software security, we bring enterprise-level software security expertise to organizations of any size.

Based on formal testing methodology of network carrier equipment, TwelveDot Labs developed a process known as the General Code Assessment Methodology (GCAM). This was developed and validated with several Federal Government initiatives. Over a two year period we refined this methodology for usage on mobile and IoT devices. The result is formalized, repeatable testing methodology for mobile applications that results in graded evaluation.

  1. SaaS based management solution

  2. Fast results

  3. Personalized service

  4. Centralized testing portal

  5. Assessment service levels

Hut 6 Test Suite

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